Articles by Chrysanthe Oltmann

The Pomona College Mission Statement

The December 2 termination of 17 dining hall workers at Pomona College prompted a heated discussion about the college's ethical responsibilities to its community.  Many students took action, from boycotting Pomona dining halls to organizing a vigil outside Alexander. But other...

Rethinking the One-Night Stand

I found last week's "A Response to 'Hook-up Culture': The Conversation Continues" a challenging read. On the one hand, I agree with the author's thesis that "the hook-up culture at our consortium and nationwide is fundamentally backward." And yet something about the response left a bad taste in...

Thoughts from the Frontlines

When I heard of Occupy Wall Street, my first thought was, "Finally!" I agreed with the central message: that corporate influence in the United States government is compromising individual rights in favor of profit. Though I was skeptical of the movement's capacity to enact real change, I was...

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