Articles by Will Mullaney

Letter to the Editor: Hunger Fast Statement of Purpose

The following Statement of Purpose was distributed to members of the Pomona College community on Dec. 8 regarding a hunger fast initiated by students (undersigned) calling for a meeting between current and former Dining Services employees and members of the Pomona College Board of Trustees...

Food and Free Speech: Let Them Speak!

The Workers for Justice movement is currently stymied because the workers’ organizing committee wants the administration to remain neutral during the vote for unionization, which the administration refuses to accept. From the workers’ standpoint, neutrality is crucial for a fair union vote free...

Senate Speaks: Commissioner of Communications Will Mullaney

As of last Thursday, Sept. 15, students can access a new Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) website. Over the summer, Pomona’s student webmaster Joseph Long ’14 worked closely with ASPC Student Body President Nathaniel Brown ’12 to determine which aspects of the website needed...

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