Studio Art Hall Opens Doors to Creative Collaboration

Molly Hickey

The Pomona College Studio Art Hall opened its glass doors for the first time Oct. 11 with a dedication ceremony and art-filled open house. Located next to Seaver Theatre and The Wash, the $29 million facility features a series of interconnected studios to maximize collaboration across...

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President Obama Names San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument

Courtesy John Lucas

The site of geology and astronomy research, camping trips and 128 speedo hikes up the 10,000-foot Mount Baldy, the San Gabriel Mountains have seen many 5C students over the years. On Oct. 10, 350,000 acres of the mountain range became a national monument, per a proclamation by President Barack...

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The West and the Making of Malala

Caroline Greer | The Student Life

My frenzied Facebook newsfeed this past week has hardly been surprising. Pakistan has finally found its first Nobel Peace laureate, and the world its youngest. To my astonishment, however, most of the posts and analysis I saw did not celebrate this milestone. They bemoaned the circumstances...

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CMC and Pomona Students in Jordan Face Curfew Due to ISIS Advances News

As violent conflicts in Iraq and Syria escalate, Claremont students studying abroad in nearby countries have faced increased security measures. Still, program administrators and participants are confident that those students can complete their expected time abroad.This month, the School for... (read more)

Trans Policy Discussion Continues at Scripps News

This fall, the admission of trans students has become a common topic of discussion for Scripps College students, faculty members, alumni and trustees, part of a nationwide increase in attention on the rights of transindividuals and their place at women’s colleges. To recognize this growing focus,... (read more)

Pomona Trustees Discuss Diversity with Students News

Pomona College students and trustees gathered Oct. 10 in the Hahn Social Sciences Building at the college’s 16th Annual Student-Trustee Retreat. This year's retreat had a special emphasis on diversity, in light of the strategic plan released by the college last week that aims at creating a more... (read more)

Black-Water Reclamation Project Halted Following CUC Changes News

A proposed sewage reclamation project at the Claremont Colleges could nearly halve the colleges' water consumption and save $10 million over the next two decades—but for now, the project remains on hold following the departure of three key supporters within the Claremont University Consortium... (read more)


George Will Disinvitation Divides 5C Community News

Scripps College's decision to disinvite conservative columnist George Will from speaking at the Malott Public Affairs Program has met mixed reactions from students and faculty members alike. News of the cancellation of Will's engagement was published by the Claremont Independent on Oct. 6.... (read more)

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